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flowerThis months editorial…

In this article, the Editor takes the beautiful image of a minute snowdrop emerging through the hard frozen ground in all its delicacy and fragility. It is a reminder that even though winter may seem eternal at times, its severity will not last for ever. The snowdrop is an exquisite reminder of the hope that spring brings.

Current Uncertainty versus Divine Certainty

From this beginning, the image of winter as a time of hardship is explored and the case is made from the word of God for a time soon to come when all this will change. The certainties of life as it is now are made clear – all we can expect is death!

This dreary image is swiftly replaced by hope and security in the Biblical certainty of life beyond the grave and the future Kingdom of God on earth. Reference is made to the Old Testament explanation of the future in Numbers 14, where the ultimate in promises is made: “all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord”.

A Living Hope

To conclude, the article reminds the reader of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope that this brings believers in him. The Bible’s up-to-date message of salvation for all today is made clear.

Other Highlights This Month…

Chris Parkin examines God’s word as a book of many different colours highlighting the richness and variety including: adventure, proverbs, philosophy, drama, songs and even its capacity to provide self help.

Cynthia Miles provides an insight into ‘The Living God’ as revealed in his guide for life, the Bible. His characteristics are explored with particular reference to His everlasting nature.

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