Editorial. 17.12.2017. Born to be King

For those who celebrate Christmas, how many think of the significance of the words of the carols or the nativity scenes which are used for decoration? nativity

Christmas may have been associated with pagan practices in the past; it may only mean Christmas lights, tinselled trees and gifts to some people; it can be a sad time for the lonely; and yet it can be a beautiful time for those who use it to reflect on the time when a baby was born who was to become a Saviour bringing hope and light to the darkness of the world; the Saviour who will one day return to earth to be King.

Why not read the story this Christmas in Luke chapters 1 & 2? If you don’t have a Bible you can find it in the Online Bible.

Meditation. 17.12.2107. Emergency only?

road sign Help PhoneWhen driving along our highways one frequently sees signs such as these. Of course most people communicate by mobile these days in an emergency but it is still possible to be in an area where there is no mobile signal so these emergency phones along the way can save a lot of distress.

They remind me of our journey along life’s highway.

How often is it that we ‘travel’ through the day and it is not until we have an emergency that we think to use our lifeline – our prayer to God.

Editorial. 5.11.2017. Consider the wildflowers…

Luke 12:27  "Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. “eucalypt blossom

Here in Australia we have many beautiful wildflowers such as these –striking from a distance and exquisite in detail.

God’s creation is awesome in the true sense of the word. When was the last time you had time to sit and really ponder on any part of creation: plants, animals, the rocks and soil, mountains and oceans, rivers and lakes, the heavens and not least, the human body?

Praise God for His love in creation!


Our meditation page this week continues this theme and is entitled: Consider….


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